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Hearmec is more than happy to render our service to you with offering the medical, health-care equipment and backup servicing as well.

We are a manufacturer for the medical equipment that has earned the customer’s trust through our backup servicing and sales of the medical equipment since our company formation from medical institutions throughout Japan. Furthermore we have provided the products helping a life of affluence for the people and carried out to sell the health-care equipment as an importer and a manufacturer for the general Japanese populations since year 2002. Nowadays, people are enhancing to be interested in the medical care and relevant field more and more.

We will develop with good society while answering actively in the needs of such generation.


  • ISO 13485

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Contact us:Manufacturer for the Oxygen Capsule Hearmec Co., Ltd. Home TEL: +81-(0)276-30-4020 FAX: +81-(0)276-30-4021 For email contact

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